Patagonia on a low budget

As most of my friends know, I’ve been on a whole month trip to Patagonia (both in Argentina and Chile). I’ve made some notes in my (paper) notebook, so next days and weeks I’ll start digitalising these by publishing them here. The reason for me choosing English is because some of the things are such that I wish I’ve read somewhere before the trip. At the same time Google loves the bloody good-for-nothing Trip Adviser so much that I can’t find anything useful there.

Following is the list of the posts I’ve already published on the topic (or plan to write about):

  • A brief text on my trip to Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) – “TLDR;” version
  • Несъществуващият къмпинг (in Bulgarian, obviously)
  • Cheapest place to sleep in El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina;
  • Camping sites around Ushuaia, Argentina;
  • Camping fees, prices of food, sleep, bus tickets, catamaran tours and others in Torres del Paine (summer 2016);
  • Topographic maps of Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales, Chile;
  • Some tips for getting cheap flights;
  • Getting and carrying enough food for a week of treking;
  • Random tips on flying around;
  • Currencies to carry with you in Argentina and how to change them;
  • CouchSurfing vs hostels;

… and some others, that I still haven’t decided on.

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