Random tips on flying around

Some of these are no-brainers, others might not be.

  • If you have a big backpack as a check-in luggage, you will be asked at some airports to have it wrapped in foil. Depending on the country and airport, such a service could cost you from 5 to 15 USD. You can avoid it by wrapping your backpack or other luggage with kitchen plastic foil that costs no more than 1-2 USD and could be found in any supermarket. Last time for my 85-liter backpack I used 15-meter foil, but I recommend to go with at least 20m.
  • Double and triple check you flight dates, hours and locations. If you are not travelling alone, let the rest of the people have all the info too.
  • Some cities have 2 or more airports, so you should be aware where exactly you are heading to. Some have terminals in an unpleasant distance from each other (SOF, I’m looking at you). Clear these things out!
  • Plan your way from the airport to the point of spending the night or getting other transport well in advance. Think of what would happen if there are delays or bad weather. Do you know how to reach the hostel? Do you know your options if you land after midnight?
  • Queuing for boarding is pointless. Just keep your fluffy bum seated somewhere till the queue is gone. I used to have a match of BroodWar with my bro whenever we travel together.
  • Check your luggage for damage directly after getting it. You won’t get any refund, if you complain after getting out of the airport. Procedure is usually slow and you will waste at least 30 minutes in bureaucracy and some additional time in emails and phone communication later, but if the damage is significant, you’d better go this way.
  • Check your flight info the day before, and the morning before it. Those chaps like changing things. They usually send you an email or something, but you’d better be prepared with having an up-to-date info on “what’s cooking”. Now I noticed that my flight is delayed with 30 minutes, which is 30 minutes more time with friends before departure.

Post will be updated with more tips now and then.

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