От какво се качва level в пещернячеството

Следват критериите, които са определящи за това дали един индивид би бил приет за участие в международната експедиция в най-дълбоката пещера на света, Крубера-Вороня, на близо 2200 метра под земната повърхност:

3. How long are you in caving? When did you begin your caving
activity? Did you have breaks in active caving?

4. Your relations with speleological societies. Are you a member/leader
of speleological section/club/association? 

5. Did you finish any speleological training course? Did you participate
in any caving techniques seminar? When, and what kind? 

6. Did you participate in any caving rescue trainings/seminars? When,
and what kind?

7. Did you participate in real accident as a rescuer? When, and what

8. Your experience in expeditions. What special experience during expeditions did you gain, what positions did you hold (as example:
climbing, cave-diving, cave survey etc.)? 

9. Your experience in preparing and organizing expeditions. Main
duties or specializations where you have the highest experience during

10. Your experience in leading the expeditions. Please provide the
maximum number of members that participated in expedition under your
leadership, goals of the expeditions. Did members from the other
clubs/countries participated? 

11. What is your highest experience in deep caves exploration? (Please
provide the cave's name, reached maximum depth, were you a member or
a leader, goals of expedition). 

12. What kind of work you didn't ever do/don't like to do in caves? 

13. What kind of work do you like to do in caves? 

14. What is the longest period you have ever spent underground in

15. How often are you training (climbing the ropes - times per week,
per month or per year)? 

16. How many transport bags is normal for you to carry when descending
in cave? 

17. How many transport bags is normal for you to carry when ascending
in cave? 

18. What is your normal working day duration in the cave (in hours)? 

19. What is your experience in rigging? Have you an experience in
rigging caves with water (with rivers, waterfalls, lakes etc.)? 

20. What kind of hydro suit (wet suit, dry suit) did you use while
working in caves with water (with rivers, waterfalls, lakes)? Did
you experience flood in the cave? 

21. What is Your experience in overcoming siphons (sumps):
without diving equipment (on breath holding, please provide the name
of cave, the depth and the length of the sump, the depth where sump
is situated) 

with the diving equipment (please provide the name of cave, the
depth and the length of the sump, the depth where sump is situated) 

22. What would you like to do in Krubera-Voronja cave? (For example,
carry special research (what kind of?), investigate new parts of the
cave, take part in load carrying, get material for an
article, etc.) 

23. What depth are you willing to reach? In what part of the cave
are you willing to work? 

24. How will you react to the fact if for some reasons (of safety,
tactics, and unexpected circumstances) you will have no possibility
to realize your wishes and neither work in the depth/cave's part you
have shown above? 

26. Do you have any health problems that can harden your underground
activity or limit your physical abilities? Do you have any
severe/chronic diseases, allergies? 

27. Your propositions for nourishment during expedition (on the
surface and in the cave). What food you can't stand/don't like?
What food do you like?

29. Will you be able to work underground in one group with unknown foreigners? What can help you to make such communication and work

30. What languages do you speak?

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